Makecloud needs a settings file at the root of your project. This is used to configure some global settings or repository specific settings for makecloud. This won’t contain any secrets and can ideally be checked into your code repository with the rest of your code. The one below can serve as a basic example for what a simple file looks like. This must be placed in a file called mc_settings.yml in the root of your project directory.

    notify_url: http://localhost:8000/report
    cachable: true
    ignored_files: [ ]
    storage_bucket: bucket_name_here
    bucket_region: us-east-2
    aws_security_group: sg-*****************
    aws_key_name: key_name_here
    aws_subnet_id: subnet-*****************


notify_url is used to configure which web server that the command line tool should notify and keep informed of a build’s progress.


cachable is used to configure caching, setting it to false will disable caching for the project as a whole.


ignored_files is used to ignore certain processing of files. It won’t transfer these files to the VM running the worker node.


storage_bucket controls the name of the S3 bucket that will be used to store the cache, stored logs for runs, and transfering files. The AWS credentials that Makecloud uses must have access to list objects, get objects, and put objects.


bucket_region selects which region the storage_bucket is in, if it’s not correct, the most common error is that source fails to upload and download correctly.


aws_security_group is the name of the AWS security group for EC2. This security group must have TCP access to port 8080.


aws_key_name is the name of the ssh key that will be installed on the box. This isn’t actually used in the operation of Makecloud but can be used to debug failed nodes.


aws_subnet_id is the subnet in AWS that you wish for nodes to be located in. For security reasons, it’s recommended that this is seperated from other running systems.


only_public_ip is used for when you spin up agents in a vpc and they get a public ip and should be contacted over that ip address.


disk_size adjusts the size of the disks attached to the worker instances that are spawned. default size is 10 gb, unit is gb.